We Have Evidence Dean Unglert Is Visiting Kristina Schulman Right Now

    I fucking love the web, due to the fact that in addition to it offering me a task, it likewise offers me with a relentless stream of chatter. Previously today Danielle L. spilled the tea about Dean’s fuckboyish methods , declaring that after disposing her on nationwide tv for Kristina, he called her at her hotel space MERE MINUTES after recording covered. Shady. Now, thanks to the genius minds over at The Bachelor subreddit (yeah, I Reddit, maltreat me), there’s proof that Dean is going to Kristina AS WE SPEAK. Sluggish claps for Reddit, fam. The site that keeps me sidetracked at my task while likewise offering me with fodder for stated task. Exactly what a location.

    Approximately 13 hours back, Dean published this extremely adorable Snap Story:

    Yes, that caption is A1 and the canine is really charming and it’s most likely unsafe that he’s in the motorist’s seat. THAT ‘S NOT WHAT ‘S SHADY HERE. Some watchful eye Reddit user observed that crossway, Armstrong Mill Road , exists in none besides Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington, Kentucky, as you might remember, is the existing house of none aside from Kristina Schulman. Exactly what does this indicate? It indicates that Dean is most likely going to Kristina right now. Or like, since 13 hours earlier. Close enough. Either that, or he’s going to Brittany Cartwright from however the Kristina angle appears way most likely, so that’s the one I’m pursuing.

    Other Reddit users validated that they acknowledge the crossway as remaining in Lexington, so I’m taking that as concrete evidence that Dean exists. Even shadier? He erased the Snap Story about an hour after the post struck Reddit. Appears like he’s got something to conceal. Well, you can run drive, however you cannot conceal, Dean. We see you. All Bachelor country sees you.

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