We Broke Down Every Song In ‘Reputation’ So You Don’t Have To Give Taylor Swift Your Money


    Welcome house fam, you’ ve shown up. At long last, Taylor Swift’ s brand-new album,, is here, and we have all the information so you can let your group chat understand which tunes need the most attention. Secure your seat belt, we have a great deal of shit to talk.

    Before I even began paying attention to the album, I was currently frustrated. In a traditional relocation, Taylor chose not to put her album on Spotify and other streaming services for the very first week of its release (she plainly requires the cash), so I invested $13.99 on iTunes simply to obtain you this evaluation on time. Don’ t ever state that the Betches have simple lives.

    “… Ready For It?”

    We’ ve discussed this prior to . Even if this was the very best tune ever, I still can’ t get the image of that naked Taylor mannequin body shit from the video from my mind. This tune is a bit of a banger, however just in the most frustrating possible method. It a minimum of makes good sense as the very first tune on the album?


    “End Game” (task. Ed Sheeran &&Future)

    First of all, “ Taylor Swift accomplishment. Ed Sheeran &&Future ” is among the most complicated things we’ ve ever checked out. Future appear like he would consume Ed Sheeran for breakfast, however whatever. Taylor yells (aims to rap?) something about huge track records at the start, however tbh she’ s really eclipsed here by both Ed and Future. She is plainly the 3rd finest rap artist on this tune. Shout-out to the MVP worst lyric: “ I swear I put on ’ t enjoy the drama, it enjoys me. ” Girl, next.

    “I Did Something Bad”

    Okay, the title of this tune is actually me texting my roomies after each and every single night out. Taylor believes narcissists are consumed with her, however narcissism indicates … being … consumed with … yourself? Yeah, she doesn’ t understand exactly what that word implies. The chorus of this one is type of cool, however we might do without the gunshot sounds. Taylor most likely doesn’ t even support weapon control, ugh.

    “Don’ t Blame Me”

    This one has more of a delicate, mellow ambiance, which lets Taylor open about all the hearts she’ s broken, and it truly doesn’ t appear like she has any remorses. She states that love makes her insane, which we can truthfully associate with, thinking about that we make psycho choices about young boys who actually put on’ t understand we exist. We have our shit together, wear’ t concern.


    ” Delicate”

    Taylor states her credibility has actually never ever been even worse, and she ’ s not incorrect. Happy we ’ re on the exact same page, girly! This seems like it might have been on among her old albums, other than if she was singing through a robotic voice maker. Unfortunate!

    “Look What You Made Me Do”

    Still dislike it. No other remarks at this time.

    ” So It Goes …”

    I’ m quite sure 4 of these tunes up until now have had the specific very same chorus? She’ s not a bad lady, however she ’ ll do bad things with you. Oooh, ill burn. Is Taylor among those grownups who still believe “ doing bad things ” is, like, letting a person feel you up?



    If you’ ve ever become aware of the band CHVRCHES, this is precisely like their music, however even worse. These lyrics are really cookie cutter Taylor Swift and we might drop off to sleep at any minute. The old Taylor is definitely not dead.

    “Getaway Car”

    “It was the very best of times, the even worse of criminal offenses.” In some cases her lyrics make me wish to toss my computer system out the window. This tune sounds precisely the like the remainder of the album up until now. Have I stated that I’ m tired, due to the fact that I ’ m fucking tired. Why is she singing about being at a motel bar? I choose not to think Taylor Swift has actually been to a motel in the last years.

    “King of My Heart”

    This sounded precisely the like the remainder of the album, however then Taylor began rapping, so it worsened. Then the chorus sounds the very same once again? There are some cool drums taking place for a minute, however seriously she runs out concepts and it’ s a little unfortunate. And no, Taylor, you ’ re not my American queen, whatever that implies.


    “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

    I truly wear’ t hate this one, generally due to the fact that it really sounds various from the remainder of the album. It’ s quite appealing and there’ s no rapping, thank God. There’ s a recommendation to an unnoticeable locket that’ s a little intermediate school for my taste, however actually I’ ll take exactly what I can obtain from Ms. Swift.


    Sweater! Headscarf! Sock! See, I can do it too. OMG, there are lyrics about being intoxicated and taking a gown off and is Taylor … a badass?!?!? Nah, simply a 27-year-old white lady doing typical shit and anticipating a medal. * puts another glass of wine *

    “This Is Why We Can’ t Have Nice Things”

    Okay genuine, this bitch is so additional with her tune titles. I dislike this one a lot. She states something about “ feelin ’ so Gatsby, ” then the chorus seems like somebody put a fundamental hip-hop beat under a kids’ s tune. There ’ s more angsty speak-singing, which is absolutely my least preferred aspect of this album.

    “Call It What You Want”

    I’ ll call it a lame, misdirected effort at a profession reinvention, thanks! Taylor states she brought a knife to a weapon battle, which is amusing considering I’ m favorable Taylor has actually been welcomed to 0 (absolutely no!) weapon battles ever. This is not one of the worst tunes on the album, however I’ m still tired.


    “New Year’ s Day”

    Last tune!!! This one is really sort of good, simply a piano and some complicated story about some pledge she made some guy about keeping memories. All this shit about memories sounds bothersome, however a minimum of there aren’ t like, airhorns throughout the chorus. Keep in mind when Taylor, like, played instruments? Male, those were the days.

    So exactly what’ s the decision? The album has a couple of peaks and a great deal of low points. Like her shaggy hair, it might utilize a trim and some extra styling, however there will constantly be the next album. Or, perhaps she’ ll stopped music and simply be a bothersome feline girl full-time. We wouldn’ t grumble. And if you see me singing this shit at the club, do not @ me.

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