The tech angle in dogs, mac and cheese and working out

    Welcome back to Mixtape, the podcast where and I, , discuss a few of the stories of the week that we seem like speaking about. Today it was canines, exercising and mac and cheese.

    BarkBox developers Bark and Co. chose that Nashville, Tenn., required a location for pets to take their people. Naturally they produced a pet park that consists of area for human beings to consume and assemble coffee with their good friends and get on the while the pets come down to doing pet things. There is a subscription charge, naturally.

    Mac and cheese is the next thing we discussed because Y Combinator invested loan in a dining establishment called Mac ‘d . It’ s not got much of a tech angle aside from making itself offered for delivery-via-app in . Specific niche. There is absolutely nothing incorrect with talking about mac and cheese, due to the fact that come on.

    And lastly, Tonal today releaseded the very first exercise maker that I really desire in my studio apartment or condo. (I will discover space.) The system doesn’ t usage weights, however rather electromagnetism to manage and imitate weight.

    Next week, we have in the studio for a chat about her brand-new book “ How to Succeed Without Hurting Men’ s Feelings,” and it’ s fantastic. You can pre-order it here . In the meantime, click play listed below to pay attention to today’ s episode. And if you sanctuary’ t subscribed yet, exactly what are you awaiting? Discover us on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher , Overcast , CastBox or whatever other podcast platform you can discover.

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