The Right Wine To Pair With Every SkinnyPop Flavor

    Last night marked the start of completion, the best of the last season of. Can we please have a minute of silence for Olivia Pope and her unbelievable collection of winter season white coats? ** Pause ** Thank you. Prior to I continue, how tf is ending previously? Are you high, Shonda? hasn’ t deserved a shit considering that my junior senior prom, and is still remarkable. Sigh … I must have entered into tv. Back to the point. There’ s just one excellent way to bid farewell to our preferred political DC betch: With her favorite meal, aka popcorn and wine. Fucking duh. In preparation for the huge goodbye, we’ ve done a wine pairing for all the SkinnyPop tastes, so you can prevent getting fat off theater butter and not look like an overall wine newb, by blending shit that doesn’ t fit.

    And if you’ re questioning who made me wine goddess and how I even understand exactly what I’ m discussing, I spoke with my pal who’ s a level 2 sommelier, so this shit is legitimate.

    1. White Cheddar +Cabernet

    Before all you SkinnyPop fanatics”@ me about how there ’ s aged white cheddar and routine white cheddar and which one opts for exactly what,&I ’ m putting them both here, due to the fact that they ’ re essentially the fucking exact same. A taxi is full-bodied and abundant and draws out the extreme taste of sharp cheddar, making it the best wine option for all you tacky popcorn enthusiasts.

    2. Jalape &ntilde><;+Sauvignon Blanc

    This pairing doesn ’ t simply opt for popcorn, you can basically utilize this with any kind of&green pepper-infused food. Sauvignon Blanc, particularly from New Zealand, has intense green pepper notes that match the spicy jalape ñ o taste.

    3. Pepper Jack +Ros

    The latest popcorn to sign up with the SkinnyPop fam, pepper jack is a best match for ros. You ’ re going to desire a light wine that doesn ’ t subdue it since jack cheese is exceptionally moderate. Like the jalape ñ o/sav b combination, the brightness of ros is fantastic with the heat the peppers give the mix.

    4. Original +Chardonnay

    A buttery chardonnay with buttery initial SkinnyPop? Groundbreaking.

    5. Naturally Sweet +Riesling

    At this point, you ’ re probs detecting the concept that you match the taste of the popcorn with the undertones of the wine. The sweet Naturally Sweet range is going to be finest combined with a sweeter wine like Riesling. And no. Not a moscato, since that ’ s revolting, and you ’ re much better than that. You may too put fucking Welch ’ s in a wine glass, if that ’ s your vino of option.

    6. Sea Salt &Pepper +Pinot Noir

    Tbh, you can basically set this with anything, since it ’ s simply a little S&P. Absolutely nothing too insane, taste sensible. Our profesh viewpoint is that if this is your go-to popcorn taste, you select up a great pinot noir to clean it down. Pinots have the tendency to have a peppery note to them that will improve the, you thought it, pepper.

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