Queen Elizabeth Wore Brooch Gifted By Obamas On Day Of Trumps U.K. Arrival

    Did Queen Elizabeth , the 92-year-old of the , toss some subtle shade at Donald Trump throughout his current U.K. check out? It’ s a popular theory that social networks users are marketing today, mentioning the royal’ s fascinating brooch options as proof.

    Last Thursday, the day Trump landed in Britain, the was spotted using a brooch that was apparently talented to her in 2011 by then-President and First Lady Michelle Obama. The pin, a vintage piece made from 14-karat yellow gold, diamonds and moss agate, is referred to as the American State Visit Brooch.

    The following day, the Queen met Trump at Windsor Castle and put on a various pin on her coat: This time, a palm-leaf brooch that her mom used at the for her dad, King .

    Eagle-eyed user SamuraiKnitter, who’ s been credited as the begetter of the so-called “ Brooch Warfare ” theory , put it in this manner:

    On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth opted to use the Sapphire Jubilee Brooch , a snowflake-shaped accessory provided to her in 2015 as an unique present from Canada.

    The Queen does not usually discuss political matters so even if the brooches were a political declaration and not simple coincidence, it’ s not likely that the queen will ever own up to it.

    Still, Twitter users have actually been having a field day with the concept.