Ukrainian Artist Removes Makeup From Dolls To Repaint Them, And Result Is Almost Too Real

    In the world of impractical requirements and Photoshop mania, genuine appeal is a breath of fresh air. And while some share their unedited selfies on Instagram, produces beautiful dolls that look nearly genuine.

    Olga is a artist who began repainting dolls as a pastime, however it later on became her occupation. She takes mass-produced dolls, such as Monster High women or Barbies, and turns them into completely brand-new, one-of-the-kind and distinct dolls. They each have littledefects,” like genuine individuals have, which she consists of by not just repainting however likewise customizing dollsshapes and dealing with wigs. “ eu coloco sobre ’ t like when the brand-new face of the is completely in proportion and perfect, it makes it lifeless, ” Olga informed Vogue. “ I constantly intentionally leave some defect that might not be obvious to everybody, Contudo [offers] a undetectable charm. Maybe, this problematic charm is the message that my dolls bring.

    Below you can discover a few of the fantasticflawedcharms by Olga Kamenetskaya.

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