The Biggest Fuckboys In Congress Right Now Who Took Huge Donations From The NRA


    What is a fuckboy, if not an individual who states something in public, however then does shit that totally opposes his previous declarations in personal? Eles’ re men who state things likeI might truly see myself being with you, ” ou “ Eu ’ m not like other people, ” ou “ My prayers and ideas are with the victims of weapon violence, ” one day, however then do shit like ghost you or take countless dollars in contributions from the NRA the next. Regretfully, our federal government is filled with the latter kind of fuckboy (really most likely likewise the previous, however were not here to speak about that right now). The NRA invested $50.2 million on the 2016 eleição, it is quite clear that, unlike my Liberal Arts degree, it was a financial investment well invested. In spite of the dreadful massacre that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday, Congress is still continuing with legislation to make it simpler for individuals to purchase silencers. Since its not like having the ability to hear where a weapon is being shot from is necessary and might conserve lives or anything.

    So today I provide you the most significant fuckboys in Congress, aka the guys who have actually tweeted out acknowledgements after every mass shooting, however still take thousands in contributions from the NRA and emphatically oppose good sense weapon laws like background checks, that over 90 PERCENT OF AMERICANS support .

    Good Lord, our federal government is depressing.

    5. Dean Heller (R-NV-SHADY AF)

    You might not have actually become aware of Dean Heller (ele’ s como, not that popular ),however being that hes the senator from Nevada, ele ’ s appropriate for when. Dean Heller clearly has actually been tweeting his ass off about Las Vegas, however behind he scenes hes taken control of$ 21k in contributions from the NRA. Casual tip that Dean Heller is up for reelection in 2018.

    4. Mitch McConnell (R-KY-DEMON)

    Você’ re most likely knowledgeable about the ancient, shabby turtle who is presently in charge of our Senate, however were you mindful that he keeps his shell glossy and great with over $26k in contributions from the NRA? In the never-ceasing words of Kim Kardashian:


    3. Home Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI-FUCKBOY)

    Remember how I simply informed you that your home is approaching legislation that would make it legal for weapons to have silencers? Bem, guess whos in charge of The House? You thought it, House Speaker/Person Who Would Be Hot If He Werent So Evil Paul Ryan! Like everybody else, Paul Ryan tweeted out his prayers to the victims in Las Vegas, however unlike everyone else he likewise has actually accepted $36k in contributions from the NRA.

    2. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX-DOUCHE)

    I usually wouldnt provide a fuck about some random-ass agent from Texas, however Pete Sessions has actually truly taken his fuckboy-ish contribution practices to the next level. Certo, ele’ s tweeting hisinmost compassions, ” however Representative Sessions has actually taken control of $51k in contributions from the NRA. que’ s one of the most from anybody in Texas, and I weart believe I have to inform you that the NRA has actually contributed a fuck lots of cash in Texas.


    1. Donald J. Trunfo (PRESIDENTRTHE WORST)

    I indicate, you most likely might have thought this one. In spite of hishottest acknowledgements ” (seem like we put ont typically offer warm acknowledgements however whatever …-RRB-, Trump got almost $6 million in advertisement assistance from the NRA . Yeah we can count on him on this problem about as much as I might count on my ex to remember my birthday.


    Depressed? Actually very same. These are simply 5 of the lots of, lots of political fuckboys making it simpler for catastrophes like the one in Las Vegas to occur once again. 44 a partir de 100 U.S. Senators have actually taken contributions from the NRA, e 249 a partir de 435 agents have actually done the very same. Wish to find out what does it cost? your agent has taken? Take a look at this practical graphic from , and text RESIST to 504-09 for assistance calling your reps.

    Lembrar, put ont call your ex. Call your senators.

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