Ryan Seacrest’s Former Stylist Breaks Silence About Alleged Sexual Misconduct

    Ryan Seacrest

    isn’t really out of hot water simply.

    As we reported, the long time media character penned a letter for THR entitledWhat Happened After I Was Wrongly Accused of Harassment where he opened about being implicated by a previous E! stylist of unwanted sexual advances.

    As you might understand, the network’s examinationdiscovered inadequate proof to support the claims versus Seacrest and for that reason might not be corroborated.” Agora, Suzie Hardy is speaking up for the very first time to protect her claim versus the celeb.

    According to the letter sent my Hardy’s associate back in November, and now acquired by Variety, Hardy declares Seacrest would perform numerous unsuitable habits consisting of grinding his erect penis versus her while outfitted just in his underclothing, searching her vaginal area, and at one point slapping her butt so hard that it left a big welt still noticeable hours later on.


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    Hardy informed the news outlet:

    As happy as I am and as strong as a lady as I am, as clever as I am and as much work as I’ve made with therapists, it truly impacted me.

    When the examination concluded, Hardy stated she seemed like the procedure was completely prejudiced , and private investigators didn’t check out a number of the witnesses she provided:

    Total exasperation was my guaranteed sensation when I became aware of it. I seemed like by the 3rd interview, it was apparent the detective was concealing it for Seacrest’s side.

    Seacrest’s lawyer, Andrew Baum , informed the outlet:

    It is disturbing to us that Variety is choosing to run a ‘storyabout false accusations that were made versus my customer, after they were informed that the accuser threatened to make those incorrect claims versus him unless he paid her $15 milhão. At that time, the claimant threatened to release a demonstrably incorrect press declaration unless she was paid. Em vez, my customer proactively and openly rejected the claims and consented to totally comply with E!’s examination about the matter. On January 31st the network informed us that their independent third-party examination had actually concluded that there was inadequate proof to support her claims, efficiently, clearing my customer’s name. It’s informing that after my customer chose not to pay her cash, and the E! examination resulted as it did, that she is now stepping forward to share her exposed story to journalism.

    Hardy declared Seacrest established sensations and would provide her hugs while just using underclothing, make uneasy remarks, and would even get her vaginal area. She described:

    I didn’t understand the best ways to handle it. I truly didn’t. I was fighting lastly remaining in a good monetary position to be a mama and breathe, that I didn’t need to be going crazy all the time, then handling this infantile celeb individual who was evaluating me on every level and controling me and understood that I remained in a susceptible position.

    Years later on, Hardy was asked to consult with personnels when she confessed to having actually been touched by Seacrest, her task was ended. She kept in mind:

    I was really happy to state ‘ Não, I do not [have a physical relationship with Seacrest] I never ever touched him, I never ever kissed him, I never ever fked him, absolutely nothing. Eu declarei, ‘ But he touched me.I remained in there for hours. I informed them whatever.

    Uau. We question exactly what Ryan will state in action.

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