Primeiro para baixo: Amazons dia venda transforma em falhar dia

    • Atualizar : Here’s ways to navigate ’s mistake. Usage TechCrunch verified this workaround works.

    It’s not simply you. Amazon Prime Day began 15 minutes back, therefore far, it’s not working out for Amazon. The landing page for Prime Day does not work. When most links are clicked, readers are sent out to a mistake page or to a landing page that sends out readers back to the primary landing page.

    Direct connect to the item pages, either from outdoors links or the single item positioning on the landing page, appear to work fine. Eu simply purchased this camping tent 2 weeks ago for $120. Some users are reporting mistakes when finishing a purchase, também.

    This is a substantial blow to Amazon and its synthetic vacation Prime Day. The merchant has actually been pressing this occasion for weeks and there are some good deals to be had . It’s not an excellent try to find the world’s biggest merchant despite the fact that the seller saw problems dentro 2015, também.

    Other sellers got on Amazon’s bandwagon and are running huge sales around Prime Day. Since this post’s publication, both Walmart and Target are not suffering website failures and most likely enjoy Amazon’s blackout.

    Além disso, isto.


    3:30 pm EDT: It’s 30 minutes past the launch of Prime Day and the landing page and offer navigation page is still down.

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