Rosa Solicita Concertgoer 12-Year-Old para cantar para ela e é soprada para fora

    Victoria Anthony campaigned on in the weeks preceeding a May 12 show utilizing the hashtag #VicAndPink. The 12-year-old hopeful vocalist wished to sign up with Pink on phase for a tune.

    The project got steam after being gotten by Canadian news outlets. Even made a plea to Pink.

    ela não’ t get on phase throughout the performance, Contudo Pink chose her from the crowd at the dentro , , obviously acknowledging Anthony from all the attention the social networks project had actually gotten.

    Are you who I check out on the news? ” Pink asked Anthony. “ Do you wish to come sing something? ”

    Anthony vocalized Pink’ s “ Perfectin front of an arena of thousands, e a was plainly reclaimed by the womans enthusiasm.

    The self taught 12-year-old stated that she would be all set must Pink offer her the chance, and certainly she was.