Nick Viall And Vanessa Grimaldi End Their Engagement

    In news that is really stunning to all Bachelor Nation, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have actually ended their engagement . When I state that this is very unexpected news that definitely none of us saw coming, I believe I speak for all of us. If 2 individuals who hardly endure each other on nationwide tv cannot make it, what hope is there for the rest people?

    In an unique joint declaration to Nick and Vanessa stated,

    Translation: Rachel took our spotlight and now that the recommendations have actually gone out, we not need to pretend to like each other. Vanessa would be medically crazy to voluntarily provide up her Canadian citizenship and move to the United States offered the existing political environment.

    I’m presuming Vanessa will need to return the $100,000 engagement ring Nick copied from Robby Hayes, however I’ll report back when I have more details. Damn pity.

    I do not even wish to speak this into presence and put it out in deep space (I simply ended up ), however if this is all getting ready for Nick Viall to end up being the Bachelor once again, I will discover Nick, Chris Harrison, and Mike Fleiss and eliminate all of us in a murder-suicide for the ages, I testify fucking God.

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