Luanns Ex Tom Dagostino é declaradamente Já noiva de outra pessoa

    As much as I like it, there were a great deal of things that were bothersome af about this season. Ramona being herself was at an all-time dreadful. Sonja being a bitch to my lady Tins. And last, however definitely not least, Luann not shutting the screw up about what does it cost? she enjoyed Tom and being wed and other romantic bullshit. que’ s why it was at least semi-surprising when they revealed their divorce simply a couple of weeks after they shot the reunion and Luann used her goddamn practice session gown. Unexpected that the man who cheated on her with an ex and asked for a hall pass the day prior to his wedding event wasnt prince captivating? Não. Simply that the countess didnt shot and preserve one’s honor for longer. And while all of us believed this was drama was over and they would divorce civilly and next season would have the victorious return of slutty single Luann, shits getting heated due to the fact that Tom is presumably currently engaged to another person , to which I need to hellip &state;

    The brand-new unfortunate girl is apparently Anna Rothschild, a socialite, press agent, and most notably, Luann ’ s “ worst opponentinning accordance withsourcesso Im sure thats a really genuine, precise claim. Obviamente, Anna and Tom were buddies for several years aka theyve screwed a lot and were very first found out together once again over Labor Day weekend, que foi 2 weeks back. Is this guys dick on fire or something? He gets engaged to Luann after a couple months then dis bish after 2 fucking weeks? Whats your rush, brother? And didnt he and Luann call it gives up since he cant stop constructing with individualsat The Regency? Why is he getting wed once again? Why male designs? I have numerous concerns.

    Another dagger is that the ring the brand-new future Mrs. D ’ Agostino has actually been found with on her ring finger looks precisely like Luann ’ s. I think it probs might be a brand-new one and he simply has an affinity for big canary diamonds, however I extremely question that. I implicam, taking the ring back? que ’ s low even for Tom.

    And while all this is fucking draws for Luann and the human in me actually understandings of her, the unpleasant truth TELEVISION worshipper part of me is actually thrilled to enjoy all this play out on my TELEVISION inoh lets hellip &state; 10 meses?

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