Departamento de Justiça: Nenhuma evidência Trump Tower foi grampeado

    (CNN)The Justice Department stated in a court filing Friday night that it has no proof to support President Donald Trump’s assertion in March that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped the phones in Trump Tower prior to in 2015’s election.

    The movement was available in reaction to a Freedom of Information Act suit by a group promoting federal government openness, American Oversight.
    On March 4, Trump tweeted: “Terrible! Simply discovered that Obama had my ‘wires tappedin Trump Tower right before the triumph. Absolutely nothing discovered. This is McCarthyism!”
        How low has actually President Obama gone to tap my phones throughout the really spiritual election procedure,” Trump likewise tweeted. “This is Nixon/Watergate.
        Then-FBI Director James Comey informed Congress in March there was no proof to support the contention that Trump Tower had actually been wiretapped. “We have no details to support those tweets,” he stated at a House intelligence committee hearing.
        American Oversight stated in a declaration following the Justice Department’s movement: “The FBI and Department of Justice have actually now agreed previous Director Comey and validated in composing that President Trump lied when he tweeted the previous President Obama ‘wiretappedhim at Trump Tower.
        The Washington Examiner initially reported the department’s movement.
        The Justice Department likewise stated in the movement that it and the FBIdo not reject the presence or validateof other records that are responsive to the group’s demand, which was wider than the supposed wiretaps of Trump Tower. The disclosure of the presence or nonexistence of other responsive recordswould trigger damage to nationwide securityand is for that reason excused under the law, the movement stated.
        A spokesperson for Obama, Kevin Lewis, stated at the time Trump tweeted the wiretapping accusations that the recommendation that Obama or any White House main bought monitoring versus Trump wasmerely incorrect.
        A primary guideline of the Obama administration was that no White House authorities ever hindered any independent examination led by the Department of Justice,” Lewis stated in a declaration at the time. “As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House authorities ever purchased monitoring on any United States person. Any recommendation otherwise is just incorrect.

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