Jimmy Kimmel perfectly rips Trump over Oscars ratings

    Professional garbage talkers, Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump.
    Imagem: Alex Wong/Getty Images-Jennifer Lourie/WireImage

    Maybe President Trump should not slam anybody over scores.

    Donald Trump has a storied history of disliking the , so it’s not precisely unexpected he ‘d fire off a tweet when it was revealed that the Academy Awards continued its newly found custom of diminishing rankings in 2018.

    ó, and Jimmy Kimmel hosted this year, who typically utilizes his late night talk reveal to rip Trump.

    Lowest ranked Oscars in HISTORY,” Trump tweeted Tuesday early morning. “Problem is, we weart have Stars any longer-other than your President (simply joking, obviamente)!”

    But Trump most likely wasn’t joking. He’s an egomaniac, consumed with popularity, and is utilizing the greatest workplace of the nation to boast and boast about how popular he is.

    While Trump is an extremely certified garbage talker, Jimmy Kimmel is a goddamn comic. He reacted with dignity by very first thanking Trump, and providing him a little piece of his own medication.


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