James Clapper chama discurso Trump ‘francamente assustador e perturbador’

    (CNN)James Clapper, previous director of National Intelligence, stated Wednesday early morning he questioned President Donald Trump’s physical fitness for workplace.

    Hours after Trump provided a bold speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Clapper stated he discovered the President’s rallytroubling and downright frightening.
    Clapper knocked Trump’shabits and divisiveness and total intellectual, ethical and ethical space.
        How much longer does the nation need to, to obtain an expression, sustain this headache?”
        He ought to have stopped while he was ahead after last night,” Clapper describing Trump’s statement on United States technique in Afghanistan. “Novamente, I believe the genuine Trump came through.
        Clapper likewise stated he is fretted about the President’s access to the nuclear codes.
        In a fit of pique he chooses to do something about Kim Jong Un, there’s really little to stop him,” Clapper stated. “The entire system is developed to guarantee fast action if needed. There’s really little in the method of controls over working out a nuclear choice, which is quite damn frightening.

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