Estou convencido Khlo está confirmando a gravidez de Kylie nesta foto

    Gather round, y’ todos, for our routinely set upIs Kylie Jenner pregnant [although all of us understand the response is yes]” Bem, today’s proof is quite unassailable, and at this moment it’s getting quite fucking frustrating that I need to continue to report on all these conspiracy theories due to the fact that Kris will not fucking verify exactly what all of us have actually understood for months. * Takes deep, relaxing breaths * I think the Kardashians did some sort of ad for Calvin Klein, and an hour ago (at the time I am composing this), Kris Jenner regrammed the advertisement . And in case you were still trying to find proof to the contrary, this image all however puts the speculation to bed. Have a look listed below.

    OK, so on a really fundamental level, all the Kardashian/Jenner sis are baring their stomachs, other than for Kylie, who is legitimate swaddled in a blanket. Gostar, begin. There were a million less apparent methods they might have done this, however they actually concealed every inch of Kylie from the chest down. What more evidence do you require? Even Khlo, who we understand for sure is pregnant, is revealing her stomach. If they cared at all about keeping Kylie’s pregnancy a trick, could not they simply have photoshopped her child bump out? Is that how it works? Graphic designers, don’t hesitate to leave your viewpoints in the remarks area.

    But wait, there’s more. Notification the hand positioning in the picture. Every pregnant Kardashian sis has her hand on her stomach. Kim does. Khlo does. Now LOOK AT KYLIE AND KHLOE’S HANDS. Khlo is holding Kylie’s hand, and her arm is resting over Kylie’s infant bump. I’m stating it now: Khlo is validating Kylie’s pregnancy.

    I rest my case.

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