Florida Escola sobrevivente tiro Emma Gonzalez é absolutamente Desmontagem Políticos & A NRA em um comício Anti-Gun Right Now RELÓGIO!

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    Hoje, an anti-gun rally is occurring at the school down in Florida as we speak, and Gonzalez is definitely leading the charge versus the NRA , and versus political leaders who accept NRA cash, in a determined, smart, efficient clap back versus the weapon rights crowd.

    And she’s being definitely fantastic!!!

    Watch her entirely take apart weapon culture and the shitty politics of our nation relating to weapons (listado abaixo)!!!

    Watch out, Marco Rubio ! This lady is coming for your task and she’s currently doing a much better task than you ever have actually !!

    It wasn’t lost on the world simply how intense Emma was on phase, ou!

    Ch-ch-check out the very best responses to her world-changing words (listado abaixo)!!!