Donald Trump Jr.’s Former Mistress Aubrey O’Day Has A Song Called DJT And The Lyrics Are Juicy AF!!!


    Como nós EXCLUSIVAMENTE! reported, nós exposed Donald Trump Jr. for having an affair com Aubrey O’Day back when the previous Danity Kane vocalist appeared on celebrity Apprentice dentro 2012. As you can see, Donald Trump ‘s child has actually been having marital issues long prior to his other half, Vanessa , applied for divorce previously this month !

    Shortly after we discovered this juicy tea, light bulbs went off when we kept in mind the 34-year-old’s tune called DJT off of her 2013 album, Between Two Evils. The writing has actually been on the wall this entire damn time!!!!

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    Here are some noteworthy lyrics from the tune:

    You can state it was all a fucking fairy tale or you can state it was genuine, however I have to understand and you understand.
    Whatever the reality is specifies the truth of you and I permanently, and I have to have the ability to specify that prior to I can leave.
    I believed it was permanently at the time however perhaps I was lying to myself
    Is that exactly what you desire? You wish to think that whatever with me was a lie?
    A dream? And you wish to return and reside in the life that you had have permanently?
    I do not know. I could not do exactly what I stated I would do so that responded to the concern for me.
    I’ll constantly desire you and constantly question it however it does not matter since I need to remain here.
    What made you stop thinking in our world?
    I have no idea, I believe most likely the loss of the other world.
    I’m torn in between 2 worlds both which I desired.
    I dislike me for enjoying you, dislike you for letting our love pass away

    It goes on:

    Tell me you like me and I will not speak to you any longer, I’ll leave you alone.
    Look it does not matter, it cannot matter, the reality will just eliminate us both.
    You need to state it as soon as to yourself and to me then I’ll go.

    This has actually genuinely rocked our world.

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