Processed meats rank alongside smoking as cancer causes WHO

The North American Meat Institute said defining red as a hazard defied common sense.

It was clear, sitting in the IARC meeting, that many of the panellists were aiming for a specific result despite old, weak, inconsistent, self-reported intake data, said Betsy Booren, the institutes vice-president of scientific affairs. They tortured the data to ensure a specific outcome.

Red and processed meat are among 940 agents reviewed by the IARC and found to pose some level of theoretical hazard. Only one substance, a chemical in yoga pants, has been declared by the IARC not to cause cancer.

The IARC says you can enjoy your yoga class, but dont breathe air (class 1 carcinogen), sit near a sun-filled window (class 1), apply aloe vera (class 2B) if you get a sunburn, drink wine or coffee (class 1 and class 2B), or eat grilled food (class 2A). And if you are a hairdresser or do shift work (both class 2A), you should seek a new career.


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