NRA Tweets Photo Of AR-15 On Day Of National School Walkout For No Particular Reason

    It’ s most likely simply a coincidence?

    On a day when trainees all over the went out of their class to oppose weapon violence in schools, the National Rifle Association tweeted a picture of an — a weapon regularly utilized in mass shootings.

    The NRA published the tweet, that checked out, “ I ’ ll control my own weapons, thank you, ” on Wednesday early morning.

    An AR-15 was supposedly utilized by the Parkland, , school shooter in the massacre last month that left 17 dead. Given that the shooting — which stimulated trainee organizers to prepare Wednesday’ s across the country walkout — lots of have actually required more stringent weapon control, advising sellers to stop offering assault-style rifles and putting pressure on the NRA to support sensible precaution.

    Wednesday’ s tweet falls within the weapon lobby’ s hardline position on protecting Americans ’ right to own guns.

    Some on questioned the timing of the tweet, beginning a day when lots of are speaking up about weapon violence.

    Criticism versus the NRA has increase in the weeks following the Parkland shooting. A current survey discovered that 51 percent of citizens stated the NRA supports policies that are bad for the country, up from 47 percent in October.