Melania Trump Gardening In Immaculate Sneakers Is A New Summer Meme

    This meme of Melania Trump poking around the White House garden has actually been 10 months in the making. It’ s well worth the wait.

    For factors unidentified, a September 2017 breeze of the very first girl allegedly planting and collecting veggies with kids from the Boys &&Girls Clubs of America went viral all over once again today.

    Model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen , a constantly singing critic of President Donald Trump’ s administration, led the charge by keeping in mind Melania Trump’ s immaculately tidy tennis shoes.

    “ These look precisely like my exercise soles, ” composed Teigen. “ Because I exercise as much as this chick gardens.”

    Unsurprisingly, other individuals on Twitter signed up with the enjoyable, buffooning Trump for striking a reluctant present in the garden spot established by her predecessor Michelle Obama :