Marie Roda’s ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’ Recap: All Hail Queen Kam Betches

    The episode starts in my preferred space of the Challenge home: my own. We get a fast glance into the ’ s quarters previously rapidly evaluating recently. If you missed it: Shane did a great deal of baseless politicking for Team Big Brother, and after his efforts went unappreciated by Davonne, he called her a b * tch and stated war.

    This week, we get right where we ended in the middle of #ShaDays battle. Nelson doesn’ t comprehend why Shane called a lady a b * tch since he’ s V considerate … however I ’ ve personally been called a b * tch by Nelson several times … and vice-versa …. There’ s that.


    We go to Armageddon with little concept regarding who is entering since of all the election confusion. (Well, you ’ re unaware. All of us understood, as soon as elections would end up, we ’d all scamper around your home counting votes like bookmakers.)TJ exposes that Tori/Derrick got the most votes and Tori is PISSED. Cara, NOT MARIE, informed Tori our group would choose /. With half of our match exposed, the lights liven up and reveal Brad/Kyle, Angela/, and SLOSS are Torick ’ s alternatives to contend versus. When Torrick picks SLOSS, Kyle is positive he and Brad will fare well if called down (tough eye roll)and Angela//myself are stunned. Some individuals want to take the roadway less taken a trip(Tori) and others(ME)want to take whatever shortcut/easy choice is most quickly available. To each their own, I state!

    Long story short, Sylvia and Joss win, however not prior to a handful of cast members knock Derrick one last time. ’ t scared of Redemption since the last time there was a redemption, her brand-new boo Jordan won the whole program. Well Tori, you ’ re with your old boo D-rock here, so best of luck!

    At the redemption home, everybody is surprised to see Tori/Derrick stroll in. Tori discusses everybody is playing a “ terrified ” video game, and my woman Cara is getting a great deal of sorrow from her “ allies. ” See Cara, they put on ’ t like you either. Quick note on the entire “ afraid ” video game thing: When there ’ s a million dollars on the line(or a weekly income)removals ARE frightening. If you lose in a removal … you ’ reremoved( or on this season)sent out to with CT and Paulie. 2 alternatives I have no interest in.

    Back at the primary home, the Bad Girls can ’ t think they ’ re still in the video game, and I essentially call the whole home as my “ buddy alliance. ” I can ’ t assistance it that I ’ m popular! Kam lets us understand she has a strategy which it includesher being more badass than any Challenge person, ever. Tony lets us understand he ONLY has Brad/Kyle, Amanda/Zach and oh yeah, as a partner. BOO F * CKING HOO, TONY.


    We avoid to our next difficulty, and today’s video game is “ dig deep. ” I calmly hope there will be caskets included once again. This obstacle will be played in 2 groups , however just one set on the winning group will win. Get it? Amanda and Zach get to select which group they wish to use and they picked the side with 2 male/male groups. I comprehend. I put on ’ t dig, nor do I utilize my mind typically … excellent option.

    The difficulty starts, and I am not entertained. When needed, my strategy was to stand as close to the sand wall as possible to mix and attempt in with hopes I can claw my method out. In the other shaft, Brad has actually taken the function as leader and Kyle as cheerleader. Brad ’ s “ Oh my gods ” offer me life, and Kyle requires EVERYONE TO STAY CALM.

    Actual video footage of Kyle :


    Kam and Shane put their heads together and have the ability to complete their puzzle while my group is knocking blocks together like 2-year-old kids. Cara naturally finishes the hardest puzzle and I ’ m pleased she ’ s my partner. I put on ’ t love Cara, BUT I do like Cara the rival.

    Kayleigh and Kamrun for the goal and beat their whole group there. LADY POWER!! The electronic camera pans to a shot of me climbing up from the shaft with Tony and Johnny’s aid, however this is not real. We shot this after the difficulty was over with Drone– Johnny and Tony were pushing me back into the shaft. D * cks.

    TJ praises Kay/Kam on their win, and they right away let us understand they have a group in mind to cast their power vote on. The face I make states all of it. Oh word? WHAT IS KAM’S PLAN?! I HATE SECRETS. In any case, the novices are SHOOK.


    At house, Kam wishes to utilize her vote to conserve individuals? Considering that we ’ re all so terrified to enter, Kam lets us understand she is either voting SLOSS or Kyle/Brad with the concept that nobody else will run the risk of voting them. This group huddle occurred post-bar, so I was genuinelybaffled and upset. Kam is dazzling and Sylvia is a fantastic cryer.


    Kam offers her strategy like NOBODY ELSE as all of us rush to determine our votes. Wager you ’ re all calling her Queen Kam now !! The novices choose to burn on each other due to the fact that, well, that was their only choice. The rest people had actually currently locked ours down. Elections goes as kams and follows strategy appears to have no defects … sort of like her skin. (Mind you, I am still unaware that a strategy existed.)

    After elections Kam’s strategy is exposed and I am surprised. I am likewise sort of pissed off that I was essentially the only individual not allowed on the strategy, however Cara was best: put on ’ t ever inform me a trick in an obstacle home … or ever.

    Listening in, Angela and Jozea discover their fate and caution that a person of the novice groups WILL be returning to this home tonight. Angela calls us weak psychologically and physically and OF COURSE the cam pans to me. I am OKAY with this. My arch made me look much skinnier than 2 commercials earlier. In any case, novices are pissed. and KAM IS STILL QUEEN.

    At Armageddon, Faith and Angela get the most votes with Kam/Kay positioning their power vote with them. Because they burned on Big Brother, this novice alliance will come . WAIT– TJ ALSO HAS A PLAN. This season, mercenaries are back … and this time, they take our area.

    Queue the slow-mo entryway and in strolls Ashley and . Ashley advises us she won the last program she was on, however we can currently inform by her weave. LADY LOOKS GOOD!!

    > Johnny

    We end right prior to the removal starts … however I believe this episode provided us whatever we desired …. AND #TYB. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK. Leave remarks listed below! I have to understand if you ’ re as thrilled as I am!!!


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