Kentucky Crowd Cheers Trump Quote, Then Finds Out Its Actually From Obama

    A valedictorian finishing from high school in got the audience to cheer an “ inspiring quote ” from Donald Trump .

    As it ended up, the audience at a county where Trump won 79.9 percent of the vote in 2016 unintentionally cheered a line from President .

    “ Don ’ t simply get included, ” Ben Bowling stated in the video footage published online by the Louisville Courier Journal. “ Fight for your seat at the table. Even better, defend a seat at the head of the table. ”

    He pointed out Trump as the source, and the crowd cheered.

    “ I ’ m joking, I ’ m joking, ” Bowling stated, disrupting the cheers. “ That was Barack Obama. ”

    Many of the cheers stopped. Some chuckled, some clapped, and least one loud “ boo ” might be heard.

    Bowling informed the Courier Journal he was attempting to be amusing when he pointed out the line from Obama ’ s 2012 start speech at Barnard College.

    I simply believed it was a great quote , ” Bowling stated. “ Most individuals wouldn ’ t like it if I utilized it, so believed I ’d usage Donald Trump ’ s name. It is southeastern Kentucky after all. ”

    The paper stated he finished with a 4.216 grade point average and will go to University of Kentucky, and wishes to pursue a degree in medication.

    For now, nevertheless, he ’ s utilizing his newly found viral popularity to advance another type of cause: