Johnny Depp’s dogs: Australia’s deputy PM threatens actor with ‘perjury’ investigation

    states federal government will analyze whether it can take additional legal action after legend of pet dogs Pistol and Boo

    Australias deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce , has stated the federal government will take a look at whether dedicated perjury by smuggling pet dogs into the nation while understanding it was unlawful.

    The legend of Pistol and Boo, the Yorkshire terriers who infamously landed the then Hollywood couple in strife in 2015, took another twist with claims by Depps previous supervisors that he was totally conscious that he was unlawfully bringing his pets to Australia.

    However, legal sources instantly put cold water on Joyces idea, informing the Guardian that Depp might not be accuseded of perjury when he made no representations in the Australian lawsuit.

    Depps previous spouse Amber Heard paid a $1,000 fine in 2015 after pleading guilty to making an incorrect customizeds statement that she had no animals, in exactly what a Gold Coast magistrate accepted was a documentation bungle including a dissatisfied Depp staffer.

    But in legal filings in a United States disagreement with Depp, the Management Group (TMG) declared Depp incorrectly declared to authorities and in public press interviews that the event was a huge misconception due to the fact that he apparently thought his personnel had actually gotten the essential documents.

    When faced by Australian authorities, Depp pushed among his long-lasting staff members to take the fall, TMG declared in documents acquired by People .

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