Zendaya Says She’s ‘A GrandmaWho Still Doesn’t Drink Or Even Enjoy Going Out!

    She describes:

    I believe I’ve constantly been a granny. I’ve constantly been an older lady inside a more youthful individual’s body. Naturalmente, I have my young-people propensities; all of us have those. Alla fine del giorno, I’ve constantly been called a granny. I do not like heading out. I take pleasure in the business of my TELEVISION and myself. And you understand exactly what? It’s been extremely useful, truthfully.

    Believe it or not, when she’s Netflix and cooling by herself, gurl does not even do it with a bottle of wine!

    Il K.C. Undercover star turned 21 sopra settembre 1, and took time out from commemorating to describe to fans why she wasn’t ready to begin consuming .

    In the brand-new interview, taped prior to the huge bday, she exposes simply how family-friendly and booze-free the occasion would be:

    It’s simply my character. Piace, my 21st birthday is going to be at my home, with my friends and family. There will be no alcohol– Voglio dire, individuals can have alcohol if they desire it, however I’m not going to be consuming any. My little nieces and household are going to exist. Per me, a Vegas variation of my birthday would resemble hell.

    And do not anticipate her to obtain peer pressured into it whenever quickly!

    Anytime I’ve ever done something to please someone else or make other individuals pleased, or do exactly what I believe other individuals desire me to do, it constantly blows up in my face. And it’s bullshit!”

    Ooh! Language, granny! LOLz!

    [Image through Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/ QUANDO ]