You Could Be Corinne OlympiosFull-Time Assistant & Here’s How

    Good news for those of you who are disappointed with your existing work: A task simply opened that will either be the very best thing that ever occurred to you, or a -On-Steroids-esque problem. Corinne Olympios is searching for an assistant . io’ ll provide you a 2nd to take that in. Signorina. Olympios (as Im sure youll be needed to call her )put out the call for individual assistants through Insta Story today, and stated she is searching for an LA based assistantwith experience. ”

    Question: Does viewing compulsive quantities of count as experience? If so, io’ m really experienced.

    Corinne (using the extremely expert Instagram pet dog filter) goes on to state that she istaking a look at resumes todayhowever supplies no details regarding where to send out stated resumes. Think about discovering Corinnes email your very first test.

    Corinne ends her Story with one piece of guidance for anybody who desires to sign up with Team Corn, ed esso’ s most likely best if you take it seriously:

    indico, that sounds about. Keep in mind how she delicately dropped 3 grand on a single shopping journey with Nick? Someones got ta return and return that shit when she understands she dislikes all of it. e sicuro, tu’ ll most likely report straight to Raquel, however there are going to be a great deal of non- cheese pasta related jobs that will be your duty. Somebodys got ta wake her up from her naps and re-schedule all her visits when she chooses not to get up and sleeps through whatever. Seems like a dream, no pun planned.

    BRB. Preemptively sending out in my 2 settimane’ notification and transferring to Los Angeles now.

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