Women’s Basketball Team Declined Trump’s White House Invitation For The Best Reason

    Il femmine’ S group has no time at all for President Donald Trump .

    According to ESPN , the group, which won its very first NCAA champion in April , was just recently welcomed to participate in a reception at the in addition to other who won titles this year. esso’ S traditional for the president to host title-winning NCAA groups. Since 1983 , every NCAA femaless basketball champion group has actually been welcomed to the White House.

    Head coach Dawn Staley informed The Associated Press in September that the group had yet to get an invite to the White House reception.

    We sanctuaryt gotten an invite yet, which in itself speaks volumes, ” Staley stated. “ We won prior to those other groups won their champions. Ho messo su ’ t understand exactly what else needs to occur. ”

    Staley informed ESPN on Thursday that the group did lastly get an invite to Fridays occasion, today they have larger fish to fry.

    We did speak with the White House about going to tomorrows occasion, however we will not have the ability to go to, ” lei ha dichiarato. “ As Ive been stating considering that our practices for this season began, all our focus is on the season ahead. The only invite we are thinking of is to the 2018 NCAA Tournament. ”

    Slam. Dunk.

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