Which Kris Jenner Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

    If you felt an abrupt desire to exploit your relative for monetary gain the other day, it was most likely due to the fact that the other day was Kris Jenners 62nd birthday. In honor of this blessed occasion, noi’ re assisting you get in touch with your inner Kris Jenner by seeing which renowned Kris gif you are, based off your horoscope:

    AriesKris Jenner The Momager

    Aries is the leader of the zodiac, so it makes good sense that Aries would be the variation of Kris Jenner that informs her naked child everybody wtf to do at all times. tu’ re doing incredible, Aries.

    TaurusKris Jenner The Wine-O

    Taruses persist and have the tendency to adhere to exactly what they understand. Exactly What does Kris Jenner understand? Wine. All types. Aint no pity because.

    Gemini-Kris Jenner With A Gun

    You never ever understand exactly what youre getting with a Gemini, which can be a little frightening. You understand exactly what else is frightening? Kris Jenner with a pistol. God conserve all of us.

    Sagittarius-Kris Jenner The Blonde

    Sags like to attempt brand-new things, and theres no modification that surprised the world more than blonde Kris Jenner holding a glass of wine. Congrats on being last months finest meme, Sag.

    Cancer-Kris Jenner The Actual Mom

    Cancers are essentially the nurturers of the zodiac, and though you might forget it in some cases, Kris Jenner is, in realtà, a mother. I extremely question shell be composing any parenting books any time quickly.

    Capricorn-Kris Jenner The Business Mogul

    Capricorns get shit done, e “ getting shit doneis exactly what Kris Jenner developed her whole profession on. That and her childs huge phony ass.

    Leo-Kris Jenner The Narcissist

    Leos enjoy themselves. Kris Jenner enjoys herself. E, truthfully, essi ’ re both.

    Virgo-Kris Jenner The Party Girl

    Virgos like to communicate their fellow male, and exactly what much better method to do that than to toss a big-ass celebration where everyone can take a look at you come together and delight in each others business? tu ’ re so generous.


    Libra-Kris Jenner The Investigator

    Libras love justice, and no one is much better at getting to the bottom of things than Kris Jenner. Possibly its her ladiess instinct, perhaps it’s the group of cameramen taping whatever that goes on in her house,however if Kris is on the case, justice will be served.

    Scorpio-Pissed Off Kris Jenner

    Kris Jenner is really a Scorpio, indicating that Scorpio is really her truest type. Scorpios, like Kris, are understood for their unstable habits and basic capability to turn tf out over absolutely nothing, so truthfully this is less of aWhich Kris Jenner gif are you? ” and more of aWhich Kris Jenner gif arent you? ” circumstance.

    Aquarius-Kristen Mary Houghton, The Young Dreamer

    Before she was Kris Jenner, she was Kris Kardashian. And prior to she was Kris Kardashian, she was Kristen Mary Houghton, a young dreamer with a desire to make herself abundant af the world a much better location, however no concept how she would tackle doing it. TBH, esso ’ s v motivating.

    Pisces-Kris Jenner Post-Op

    Pisces are artists by nature, and Krisbiggest masterpiece is certainly her own face. A continuous work in development, Kris Jenner the artist will labor over this work for years, never ever pleased with the end product, constantly seeking to enhance. It is the artists curse.

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