Which American Girl Doll Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

    As you definitely understand by now, we have actually currently informed you which doll is betchiest (Samantha). You’re actually so welcome. Now it is time to respond to the 2nd most crucial American Girl doll-based concern: Which one are you? There’s just one method to understand for sure, which’s certainly to compare the American Girl doll’s character to your zodiac indication and see how they compare. Instead of have you hesitate your work look this up yourself, we’ve put together a list of all the American Girl dolls and which Zodiac indication they are, in case you have a desire to drop $100 on a doll anytime quickly.

    AriesFelicity Merriman (Revolutionary War Betch)

    Much like you, Aries, Felicity Merriman is active af. Lei’ s training horses, shes making pals, and shes subtle associated with the American Revolution. Like you, Felicity is wayyy too ADD to stay with something, and turns from withstanding bullies one minute to assisting some old person called Jiggy Nye (relatively specific this is a 90s Will Smith track, however fine) stopped alcohol the next. Lei’ s among the OG American Girl dolls makings her a leader, and much of her series concentrates on her moms desperate efforts to make her moreladylike, ” which Im sure you can connect to.

    Taurus-Kristen Larson(Pioneer Betch)

    Kristens entire “ cosa ” is striving, so its quite clear why she and Taurus are a best match. And absolutely nothing statesEarth indicationmore than being a Swedish Midwesterner living on a farm. Unlike Corinne, Kristen likes farm tasks (gross), and invests her leisure time finding out English, making pals, and being pissed that her moms and dads are having another infant and damageding her convenience levels (similar to you when confronted with any small trouble). Unfortunate to state, Kristen is primarily a really dull great lady, however just a Taurus would ever have the persistence to produce her fancy braid crown, so the 2 are a match made in paradise.

    GeminiCcile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner (Antebellum Betches)

    Ccile Rey and Marie-Grace are the only dolls who come as a set (suggerisco, you still need to spend for 2 different dolls, AG is absolutely nothing if not remarkably pricey), which is ideal for Geminis who cant ever comprise their damn mind. Done having fun with Marie-Grace? NP, Ccile is here to relieve your dullness. Personality-wise, Ccile is more outbound, whereas Marie-Grace is friendless a loner, so they completely mirror a Geminis socialite status one week however hermit way of life the next. Essenzialmente, essi’ ri 2 various individuals, therefore are you, Gemini.

    Cancro – Josefina Montoya (Mexican-American War Betch)

    Cancers are the moms betches of the zodiac, and being consumed with that her mother is dead is actually the main concern of Josefina’ la vita s(easy to understand). Provided that wild goats, snakes, and random males with weapons wander the Mexican countryside near Josefinas house, she prefers to remain inside, something a Cancer can certainly associate with. Lei’ s likewise not so into the entire satisfying brand-new individuals cosa, and is much better simply cooling with her aunties and siblings, aka not branching off,” which is Cancers specialized.

    Leo – One Of Those Dolls That Looks Like You

    Voglio dire, begin Leo, tu’ re not going to spend a fuckton of loan for a doll who doesnt appear like you. Who tf does that? You have no interest in pretending to be from other periods, due to the fact that those ages are certainly inferior to the existing age, as evidenced by the truth that you put ont reside in them. Those ages didnt have social media, which suggests your doll doesnt have any of the opportunities you like and understand for getting attention. Undesirable. tu’ ll take a doll that may come to life and presume your identity appear like you and brings a cellular phone, thanks.

    VirgoAddy Walker (Reconstruction Era Betch)

    Virgos are everything about being arranged and keeping shit subtle, and absolutely nothing needs more subtle company than leaving fucking slavery (See: The Underground Railroad). Addy Walker is the baddest betch in the OG American Girl collection due to the fact that like, shes in fact done some quite unbelievable shit, however you wouldnt understand it becauselike you, VirgoAddy doesnt requirement that attention. Lei’ s simply going to keep her shit on the DL and keep operating at Mrs. Fords boutique till next thing you understand, her line is the most popular thing at the 1870s variation of New York Fashion Week. Essenzialmente, tu’ re both eliminating it, e usura’ t require any of the drama that surrounds the morepopulardolls.

    Libra-Kit Kittredge( Depression Era Betch)

    Libras are everything about fairness, and Kit Kittredge doesnt believe its really fucking reasonable that her household has no cash due to the fact that of the Great Depression. Libras are interested bybalance and balance, ” and it was an absence of both these 2 components that triggered the stock exchange to crash on October 24th, 1929. In order to make it through the Depression, Kit will have to work well with others and discover inner peace, 2 things Libras are fantastic at. Abigail Breslin played her in the motion picture variation, which is neither here nor there, however is quite cool.

    Scorpio-Kaya (Pre-Colonial Betch)

    Scorpios are understood for being quite fucking wild, and no one is more wild than Kaya, the pre-colonial Native American betch whose desire to do whatever tf she desires gets her abducted in her breakout book,. Kaya likewise gets the labelMagpiedue to herrash actions, ” and repercussions due to rash actions are absolutely nothing brand-new to a Scorpio. Sinceramente, I ’d start calling youMagpietoo if I didnt understand you ’d absolutely turn out.

    Sagittarius-Samantha Parkington(Turn Of The Century Betch)

    Congrats, Sagittarius! You are Samantha Parkington, the betchiest of all the American Girl dolls. Don’t hesitate to inform your mommy. Droops love to take a trip, and nobody is more set to take a trip the world than Samantha, who comes and is both abundant af with a range of Instagram-ready holiday looks that would def make all the other American Girls envious. Similar to you, Samantha is understood for asking a fuckload of concerns and stating whatever she desires, like asking her bad pal Nellie why shes so damn bad in.

    Capricorn-Molly McIntire(World War II Era Betch)

    Capricorns are understood for being efficient and accountable, and no one is much better arranged than Molly McIntire, who actually tracks the motions of soldiers in WWII from her bed room. Sicuro, we have actually stated Molly anarc, ” however like, narc-ness is type of among your most charming qualities. Capricorns can likewise be type of bleak and anticipate the worst, and I truthfully cant think about anything more bleak than an 11-year-old lady who pretends to do bomb drills in her mommys basement. yikes.

    Aquarius -Julie Albright (Hippie Betch)

    This one is simple. Aquarians are certainly represented by Julie Albright, the hippie betch. Not just does she represent all your progressive perfects (like not shaving throughout of winter season), she shares your actually outrageous mood, as evidenced in the book, when she turns out at her cousins for stating shes bad at horseback riding. You wouldnt take that shit, Aquarius, and neither did Julie.

    Pisces -Maryellen Larkin(1950s Era Betch)

    Maryellen doesnt mean the 1950sbullshit, particularly bigotry versus Italians, which is simply exactly what a caring, generous, 1950s-era Pisces would do. Maryellen likewise shares Piscescreativity and love of art, and intends to one day be a designer one day which is v stylish of her. Pisces likewise have the tendency to have a victim complex, which Maryellen def has after contracting Polio in the 1952 epidemic. Sicuro, her victimhood is a bit more legitimate than yours, however you can utilize her to assist resolve a few of that anger you felt when you needed to enjoy for a good friend who got skinnier than you.

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