Watch SpaceXs last Falcon 9 rocket launch for 2017

    is releasing its last objective of 2017 later on today, with a prepared launch window of 5:27 PM PST (8:27 PM EST). The objective is for customer , and will send out a 4th set of 10 satellites into low Earth orbit for s NEXT constellation, which will ultimately include 75 satellites introduced by in overall.

    SpaceX is releasing the for Iridium-4 from Californias Vandenberg Air Force Base, where it has its Space Launch Complex 4E. esso’ ll be the 18th launch of a for SpaceX this yearhowever it wont consist of a recuperate effort for the very first phase, as the launch requirements consist of setting up the utilized to be used up throughout the launch procedure.

    Il 9 very first phase booster being utilized for the objective has actually been utilized prior to, tuttavia — it was flown throughout Iridium-2, the 2nd objective that Spacex flew for this customer, which occurred in June. That implies this rocket was reversed and all set for re-use in simply 6 mesi.

    SpaceX introduced an International Space Station resupply objective simply recently, utilizing both a reflown Dragon pill and a reflown Falcon 9 very first phase. esso’ s likewise getting ready for its very first Falcon Heavy launch, which need to happen early in 2018.

    If the objective today is scrubbed for any factor, SpaceX has a backup launch window on Saturday, a 5:21 PM PST.

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