Utah cop who dragged nurse in viral video has been fired

    University of Utah nurse Alex Wubbels was seen being by force handcuffed and dragged by Salt Lake City authorities Detective Jeff Payne in a video that went viral last month. It triggered public protest that eventually led the Salt Lake City mayor and authorities chief to say sorry . Adesso, more than a month later on, the authorities department has actually fired Payne from the force.

    In the recorded occurrence, which really took place in July, Payne consistently asked for authorization to draw blood from a client who suffered major burns from a head-on accident. Without a search warrant or the client’s approval, Payne had no right to draw blood, however he stayed insistent with Wubbels. Ultimately, after Wubbels telephoned her manager on the matter, Payne pressed Wubbels outside the medical facility and handcuffed her, dragging her to the side. She wasn’t charged, however in the video portraying her arrest , she appears noticeably shaken, shrieking for aid.

    During an internal examination in September, the authorities department concluded that both Payne and his watch leader, Lt. James Tracey, overlooked the department’s arrest and officer conduct policies when Payne handcuffed Wubbels. Due to the examination, the department chose to fire Payne, while his leader was benched back to officer.

    The choice remains in keeping with the high level of responsibility we owe individuals of Salt Lake City,” Mayor Jackie Biskupski described, secondo inning con CNN . “In making his choice, I am positive Chief Brown stabilized the distinct tensions each of our policeman handle day-to-day, and the duty they have as leaders in our neighborhood.

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