Trump says ‘vettinggun buyers would have made Texas shooting worse

    Presidente Donald Trump states more powerful background look for anybody trying to buy a weapon would make America less safe.

    NBC NewsAli Vitali asked Trump at an interview in South Korea on Tuesday whether he would think aboutsevere vettingfor weapon purchasers following a mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday that left 26 individuals dead and a minimum of 20 more hurt.

    Trump initially slightly scolded the press reporter, stating she raiseda circumstance that most likely should not be talked about excessive today” a causa del fatto che “we might let a little time passand they were presentlyin the heart of Corea del Sud.” (Emphasis his.) Trump then stated higher background checks would have madeno distinctionin Texas. He pointed out that an onlooker, Stephen Willeford, chance at the shooter , Devin Patrick Kelley, prior to he chased him down in a fellow spectator’s truck, which ended in Kelley crashing into a ditch.

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