Tomi Lahren accidentally inspires Dear liberal snowflakes meme


    In in between conservative political punditry and preparing her Halloween outfits , Tomi Lahren is a representative for Turning Point USA, a conservative not-for-profit tailored towards trainees.

    Apparently, in anticipation of an approaching top at which Lahren will speak, the company introduced an advertisement Monday including an uncomfortable-looking Lahren along with some text.

    Dear liberal snowflakes, ” the advertisement states. “ Nothing is totally free; weeping doesnt fix issues; shouting doesnt make you right; not everybody is a winner; there are nosafe areas. ’ ”

    cinguettio, obviously, right away turned the advertisement (which is ripe for fast Photoshop doctoring) into a meme, blasting Lahren for the hypocrisies within the declarations.

    For something, conservatives completely lost their shit over coffeemakers this weekend when Keurig pulled advertisements from Sean Hannitys reveal after he protected declared sexual predator Roy Moore . Whos actually the crybaby here?