This Picture Of Don Jr. With Ted Cruz Is The Ugliest Effing Thing We’ve Ever Seen

    President Trumps Twitter certainly takes the cake for a lot of troublesome social networks account of perpetuity anybody in his household, however Donald Trump Jr.s Instagram may be a close second. In the past, Don Jr. utilized thegram to state how he was going to remove half of his childs Halloween sweet to describe socialism, however his latest post is in some way much more cringeworthy.

    On Sunday, Don published a slideshow of him presenting with Ted Cruz , holding a cake that has a photo of Barack Obama in red white and blue icing. The caption is a genuine classic: “ With good friends like thesesome buddies chose that while my birthday is not for 2 weeks that they would get me an early 40th birthday cake. And exactly what birthday is total without an Obama cake? I figured it was so excellent that I would need to share it with Ted.” Piace … exactly what?

    While were distressed at the concept that a 40-year-old male is still having a weeks-long birthday event, there are more pushing problems here. The mix of TedZodiac KillerCruz and DonSpray TanJr. in one picture is a lot to take in at one time. Ted looks his typical level of constipated, which suggests if he were a typical individual he’d be downing Activia yogurt and stooping over the toilet. Don is making a face that can be finest referred to as a spirited grimace, and we require it to stop ideal fucking now.

    And lets discuss the cake. Di tutti, the image of Obama is, um, a fascinating option. It appears like it must be a joke, however these males understand that theyre like real leaders of our nation? Piace, I might get a paradoxical Taylor Swift cake for my birthday and it would most likely get 150-200 likes on Instagram, however I put ont need to go back to the Senate on Monday early morning and see short articles about it online. These guys are essentially overgrown high schoolers, ed esso’ s distressing AF.

    The image with Ted Cruz is the most essential here, however the post is really a slideshow with 2 other solo photos, since Don Jr. is an untidy bitch who requires attention. In the 2nd one, lui’ s doing an extreme soft smile that really makes him appear like an orangutan, and in the 3rd one hes doing that fucking grimace thing once again. Our preferred part is the standard bitch who photobombed both photos, due to the fact that shes the real unpleasant bitch who requires attention. Excellent task, sis, you weaseled your method into among the ugliest effing pictures weve ever seen.

    If you require me for anything, io’ ll be sobbing into an Obama cake while consuming the whole thing with my hands.

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