The force will be with you, thanks to these ‘Star Warsthemed sex toys

    Feel the force.
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    So that brand-new Star Wars flick is coming out quickly, which implies lots of cross-promotion.

    But we have an inkling the marketing types behind the franchise would’ve authorized Star Toys , a series of sex toys that will leave you feeling a various type of force, we think.

    It’s a brand-new collection from Geeky Sex Toys from Brisbane, , who were likewise behind the innocence-destroying Pokmoan series from in 2015.

    Ovviamente, Star Toys takes a little a darker turn, with a six-piece Dark Side Bondage Kit, that includes a familiar-looking Laser Sword Flogger and a Space Station Ball Gag.

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    This year we had a lot of ask for various kinds of sex toys based around villian characters,” Geeky Sex Toys co-founder Emma, who she just chooses to be understood by, described through e-mail.

    We chose that our Star Toys variety was a fantastic method to present a brand-new level of kink to our items.

    For those entering into the galaxy alone, there’s a penetrable by the name of Hand Solo, and a green dildo called Dildoda. Think who, do not take legal action against.

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    Emma stated her favourite of the collection is the Darth Vibrator: “It has actually exceeded our expectations in regards to quality and looks extremely badass.

    Or for those who ‘d rather stay with the light side, there’s R2-V2.

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    Then, naturally, there’s the Laser Sword Dildo.

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    And please do not be alarmed by this C3-Plug.

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    Your youth was long gone anyhow.

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