Speaker stands by ban on Donald Trump addressing parliament

    mentions that an address to both Houses of Parliament is not an automated right as he continues opposition to speech by United States president

    Donald Trump still has actually not made the right to deal with your homes of Parliament, the Speaker has actually stated.

    John Bercow controversially banned the concept of the United States president speaking in parliament’s Westminster Hall, an honour which was provided to his predecessor Barack Obama, soon after Theresa May welcomed Trump to check out the UK.

    A year on from Trump’s election success, Bercow stated his view stayed that the United States president did not should have the honour of talking to MPs and peers in the historical hall. In February, Bercow stated hehighly opposedthe concept of a governmental address in parliament and the Speaker stated he still held that view when inquired about his position at an occasion on Thursday night arranged by Queen Mary University London’s Mile End Institute.

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