Slow iPhone? You won’t like the reason why

    Immagine: courtesy ifixit

    Conspiracy theorists, rejoice: For as soon as, you were. Mela admitted today that, yes, it decreases old iPhone to reduce battery issues, almost verifying a long-running suspicion: that a giant has actually tinkered an old gadget to motivate individuals to purchase a brand-new gadget.

    And yet: ’s reason is affordable , if a bit complicated. Apple states it established the upgrade for the 6, SIX, and SE to avoid them fromall of a sudden closing downas an outcome of abject . Il tuo ’s battery worsens in time, apparentemente to the degree that abrupt burst of extreme activity might shut your phone down completely. Multitasking with your iPhone in the freezing cold, per esempio, might press the gadget hard enough that it merely switches off.

    Così, Mela “throttles” — or decreasesthe computing power on older iPhones with abject batteries to avoid it from occurring. Basically, the business is requiring you to compromise general efficiency to make your iPhone more steady.