Say hello to the first-ever hijab-wearing Barbie


    In 2018, Barbie will use a hijaband young Muslim women will lastly see themselves represented in the renowned doll.

    Barbie revealed at the Glamours Women of the Year top on Monday that Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad would be the next female to be bestowed a Barbie in her image for the doll’ S “ Sheroline, a program that commemorates boundary-breaking females planned to influence the next generation .

    Muhammad made headings throughout the 2016 Summer Olympics when she ended up being the very first Muslim-American lady to contend while using a hijab and the very first female Muslim-American to win a medal.

    Barbie is commemorating Ibtihaj not just for her awards as an Olympian, however for accepting exactly what makes her stick out, ” Sejal Shah Miller, vice president of international marketing for Barbie, stated in a news release. “ Ibtihaj is a motivation to many women who never ever saw themselves represented, and by honoring her story, we hope this doll advises them that they can do and be anything.

    The doll will be the very first Barbie to use a hijab in history, secondo inning con People .

    “ ci credo ’ s innovative for Barbie to decide in this minute that were inand I would state, as a nation, to have a doll use a hijab and be the very first of its kind, ” Muhammed informed People . “ There has actually never ever been a Barbie doll to use a hijab prior to. io’ m truly thrilled to have this minute occur in my life as well as for all these little women now who can look for Barbie doll that might look them, might use a hijab like they do, or like their mother does, or like a buddy does. Likewise have kids who arent Muslim,who weart use a hijab, to likewise have the chance to play with a doll that uses a hijab. ”

    Barbie, Muhammad, and others required to Twitter to commemorate the ground-breaking statement.