Roy Moore arrived to the polls on horseback, and everyone’s laughing

    Roy Moore riding his to the surveys with genuinely awful type.
    Immagine: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Alabama day has actually lastly shown up, and Republican Senatorial prospect Roy Moore made his grand entryway to the surveys on horseback.

    Moorewho’s been prohibited from a shopping center, implicated of sexual misbehavior di 9 ladies, e declared to have started a sexual encounter with a 12-year-old woman when he was 32 — most likely believed getting here on a horse would be a good diversion. users and horse fanatics saw one glaring issue: the male’s kind was unfortunately horrible.

    Footage of the flight reveals a strangely stiff Moore awkwardly installed on his horse, Sassy . (The horse does not appear enjoyed be consisted of in Moore’s story.)

    Horse Twitter saddled up and came for Moore, completely slamming his type and tossing some severe equestrian shade his method.