Ronnie Magro From ‘Jersey ShoreIs Going To Be A Dad, & You’ll Never Guess Who The Mom Is

    What a year it’s been for the cast of. Came their awful one-night reunion unique that actually no one saw. Il prossimo, news of a revival broke. Adesso, Ronnie is going to be a father . I can see it now: anytime Ronnie humiliates his future kid, he’ll be met a whinyRahhhhhn, stahpp!! You’re humiliating me!” Now that I’ve stated that, I can not wait to follow this kid on Instagram.

    Ronnie exposed the news to and he’s supposedly having a woman. When I stated you’ll never ever think who the mother is, I implied it actually: it’s Jen Harley, some female who obviously has actually been Ronnie’s sweetheart. (Not sorry for the clickbait.) Wait, I believed he was dating Khlo Kardashian’s pal Mallika? * checks Google * Oh all right, that ended in February. At some point in between last February and now, Ronnie began dating Jen. All I learn about Jen is that her Instagram manage istater_tot_kittyand she has godawful grammar, 2 things which I deduced from investing a complete 15 seconds on her Instagram. I believe that informs me all I truly require to understand.

    Okay, to start with, Rahn stahpp with the hashtags. Piace, this is simply outrageous. “#IHearItsLikeHavingAPuppy”? “ExceptItCries”? No. Desist and stop. This is all sort of bad, and I do not even have the time to obtain into it. via, young puppies sobanybody with a pet dog will inform you that. Second offno, I informed myself I would not enter into it. per favore, Ronald, prior to you bring a kid into the world and begin teaching her social networks, repair it.

    Ronnie, if you’ll remember, will apparently be shooting so I question how that’s going to deal with his sweetheart 6 months pregnant with his kid. Certainly not demanding at all for her. Exactly what if this resembles, the guido variation of the Kardashians, and some MTV officer is making all the castmembers get pregnant so they can raise the next generation of Just an idea.

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