REPORT: Russian Pop Star Rounded Up And Tortured To Death In Chechnya’s Gay Purge

    This is exactly what occurs when oblivious zealots run the world.

    If you didn’t currently understand the name Zelimkhan Bakaev , discover it. The Russian pop vocalist is supposedly the most recent victim of the pure hatred now running Chechnya.

    We informed you in April about how Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov had actually extolled

    Even at this range, Bakaev is a lot more sturdy than this person. A couple other ideas (the closed windows, the Russian furnishings, an energy beverage not offered in Germany) have actually led fans to think this is a smokescreen video made by the Chechen federal government to conceal their actions from the remainder of the world.

    Obviously our federal government isn’t really going to do anything about this, not even acknowledge it. Donald Trump might enjoy to select battles with North Korea, however there’s no chance he’s going to bite Putin’s hand by pursuing criminal activities versus mankind in a federal topic of Russia.

    Especially not over the LGBT neighborhood .

    So learn exactly what you can. Get the word out. Raise your voice.

    And discover the name Zelimkhan Bakaev .

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