Puerto Rico governor says Lets talk after Elon Musk offers to solve the islands power crisis

    s power grid has actually been virtually destroyed in the wake of typhoon Maria. It now has an as soon as in a life time chance to restore and the islands guv Ricardo Rossello wishes to have a chat with about his current deal to utilize batteries and solar energy for the task.

    Only 10 per cento of the island has power at the minute and, inning accordance with the Puerto Rico state-owned electrical business, some neighborhoods wont have the ability to turn the lights back on for 4 a 6 mesi.

    Musk tweeted the other day he might be the one to reconstruct Puerto Ricos electrical power system utilizing independent batteries and solar energy.

    The Tesla group has actually done this for numerous smaller sized islands worldwide however there is no scalability limitation, so it can be provided for Puerto Rico too, ” Musk composed.

    Governor Rossello tweeted at Musk soon after with, “ Lets talk. Do you wish to reveal the world the power and scalability of your #TeslaTechnologies ? PR might be that flagship task. ”

    As the Governments CINO, I completely support this! Lets construct the Puerto Rico all of us desire through development #letstalk @prstateits

    Glorimar Ripoll(@prstatecino) ottobre 6, 2017

    Puerto Ricos primary development officer Glorimar Ripoli is likewise on board. “ As the Governments CINO, I totally support this! Lets construct the Puerto Rico all of us desire through development, ” she tweeted.

    The genuine concern is if this talking will develop into action.

    Tesla has currently delivered hundreds of its Powerwall battery systems to Puerto Rico and Tesla workers are presently hectic installing them and training residents ways to continue the procedure.

    Musk likewise has a history of turning Twitter talks into something more. He struck an offer to construct a battery plant in South Australia based upon a Tweet with Atlassian creator and Australian Mike Cannon-Brookes last March. If he doesnt finish the task within 100 giorni, Musk broke ground on the offer last month and stands to lose$50 million.

    As Musk discussed in his tweet, Tesla has actually developed a battery and solar energy grid for other islands, like the Kaua i Island Utility Cooperative in Hawaii and in American Samoa.

    Ovviamente, those jobs were for much smaller sized populations than Puerto Rico. Musk appears positive his system can scale to satisfy the needs of the island ’ S 3.4 million residents.

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