Puerto Rico governor: Power could be out for months

    (CNN)Puerto Rico’s energy grid took such an extreme blow from lethal Hurricane Maria that bring back power to everybody might take months, Gov. Ricardo Rossell informed CNN on Wednesday night.

    The whole system is down, the guv stated. Nobody on the island has power from energies.
    Puerto Rico, which has actually been through a long economic downturn and is deeply in financial obligation, has a power grid that isa bit old, mishandled and weak,” Rossell informedAnderson Cooper 360.
      Rossell stated authorities believe some power stations are not severely harmed, however the circulation system is destroyed. If transmission lines remain in much better shape than idea, power failures may be repaired faster, the guv stated.
      Rossell informed CNN that a minimum of a single person passed away in the storm when a board was ripped from your house it had actually been nailed to by the wind and struck a male. Due to the fact that it is tough to interact, the guv stated the number of casualties in some locations is unidentified.
      We still do not have a great deal of details,” ha dichiarato. “We’re practically detached in regards to interactions with the southeast part of the island.
      The stormwhich restrengthened into a Category 3 typhoon early Thursdayhas actually damaged the Caribbean over the previous couple of days, wreaking destruction on Dominica and the Virgin Islands prior to knocking into Puerto Rico.
      And the hazard is not yet over. A typhoon caution is in result for the Turks and Caicos, the southeastern Bahamas and parts of the Dominican Republic.

      Dominica: 14 dead; robbery and food, water scarcities

      On the island of Dominica, which took the full blast of Maria prior to the storm handed down to the United States area, federal government spokesperson Charles Jong informed CNN that 14 individuals had actually passed away.
      He included that Maria was themost scary experiencehe has actually dealt with, in spite of seeing out lots of other cyclones. He stated he runs out power, water and food, which individuals in Dominica have actuallyentered into survival mode.He included that there is prevalent robbery on the island.
      The destruction on Dominica is enormous , a CNN team flying over the island reported. Numerous houses have actually been noticeably flattened or harmed. Lots of had actually roofing systems detached.
      The landscape has actually been removed bare. Countless trees have actually been snapped at their base and those still standing are without leaves. Dominica was a rich green landscape, consisting of jungles, today is lifeless and brown.

      Storm has actually approached the Dominican Republic

      Now that Maria has actually moved past Puerto Rico, a United States area with 3.3 million individuals, search and rescue groups are requiring to the nation’s dark streets.
      The disastrous winds had actually waned to a whisper late Wednesday and the flooding rains were simply a drizzle, however navigating was hard due to extensive damage and no electrical power other than from generators.
      The storm triggered extensive flooding and ripped trees from the ground. Più di 10,000 stayed in shelters Wednesday night.
      This is overall destruction,” stated Carlos Mercader, a spokesperson for Puerto Rico’s guv. “Puerto Rico, in regards to the facilities, will not be the exact same. … This is something of historical percentages.
        Hurricane Maria knocks Puerto Rico
      Puerto Rican Olympic gymnast Tommy Ramos, who rode out the storm in the northern city of Vega Baja, published video of gusts blowing particles in front of him.
      The home is constant,” Ramos informed CNN. “What terrifies us is the flooding.

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      Astriv Velez, who endured the storm inside a walk-in closet, stated water was can be found in through the walls of her house in Trujillo Alto, simply outside San Juan.
      The wind and rain has actually not stopped,” Velez stated. “There are no trees, there is no greenjust brown.

      Devastation in St. Croix and St. Thomas

      Maria wiped out structures on numerous other Caribbean islands.
      Aaliyah Bisamber of St. Croix shot video of Maria’s annihilation of her old home, which was best beside her brand-new house.
      I was quite astonished the typhoon had such power to swindle half your house,” she informed CNN.
      Murillo Melo just recently relocated to St. Croix from Braziljust to deal with among the island’s most disastrous cyclones.
      It was truly frightening. The floorings were shaking, the walls, whatever was shaking and moving,” ha dichiarato.
      Here on the island and on the mainland individuals are attempting to get in contact with family members and buddies. … People are desperate to obtain some news from their loved ones and pals.
      United States Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft stated the damage to St. Croix is specifically disconcerting.
      First concern is going to be conserving of livesnot simply in Puerto Rico, United States Virgin IslandsI’m specifically worried about St. Croix, that was likewise in the course of Hurricane Maria when it was a Category 5 typhoon,” Zukunft stated Wednesday.
      On the United States Virgin Island of St. Thomas, retired New York authorities investigator Austin Fields surveyed the damage to his home.
      My house is not a house,” ha dichiarato.

      Virgin Islands and Dominican Republic under the weapon

      Maria’s rage is far from over.
      Dangerous storm risesaccompanied by damaging and big waveswill raise water levels 10 a 15 feet above regular tide levels in the cyclone caution locations of the southeastern Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos, the typhoon center stated. The islands might likewise view as much as 20 inches of rain.
      Some long-range designs state Maria might approach the North Carolina coast as it moves north. CNN Meteorologist Tom Sater stated individuals need to watch on the storm.

      Radars knocked out

      Maria ended up being the very first typhoon of Category 4 strength or greater in 85 years to make a direct landfall on Puerto Rico.
      The cyclone knocked the United States area with such strength, it broke 2 National Weather Service radars there.
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