One Of The OG Real Housewives Is Reportedly Getting The Axe

    Se tu’ re anything like me, you enjoy every franchise of, no concerns asked. suggerisco, io’ ve even entered into Dallas this year, quale’ s actually stating something. Part of being a ride-or-die Bravo fanatic ways sticking through the bumpy rides aka shit like Potomac and the uninteresting seasons. Case in point: questa stagione. esso’ s come, actually bad. Peggy Sulahian is the worst brand-new other half addition given that Cindy Barshop (I can hear all yall statingwho? ” from here). Lydia and all her Jesus shit is irritating af. Not to discuss Heather Dubrow is gone, quale, no, io’ m not over. don’ t understand if I ever will be. Fucking sue me.

    And you understand exactly what a bad season equates to? Cast shake-up. Fucking duh. esso’ s simple enough to presume both Peggy and Lydia will be on the slicing block, however could anybody else be gone? Shannon and Tamra are the only 2 that are in fact buddies. Kelly is a horrible human, however she produces excellent TELEVISION. E io’ m not personally a fan of Vicki, however shes the OG from the OC. They couldnt fire her, could they? Veramente, yes they could, da sources state Vicki is dunzo and being benched tobuddy of the homemakersafter this season.

    Apparently, she pre-taped an episode of recently and was a total BSCB since she wasnt sitting beside Andy. Lol, exact same tbh. Set that with that shes hardly even good friends with anybody on and it sufficed for Bravo to be likenah fam, you’re out.Exactly what does this indicate? Will she plead Andy to provide her another opportunity? Will she persuade Briana to audition so she can weasel her method back in? Will Bravo lastly return to their senses and revive Heather? Qui’ s hoping its that, due to the fact that this program requires a queen betch ASAP.

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