Nick Viall Is Starring In A Christmas Movie That Sounds Hilariously Awful

    On the 14th day of Christmas my real love provided to me the repeal of net neutrality a brand-new made-for-TV vacation motion picture starring previous four-time star/current bachelor Nick Viall. Sì, quello’ S. The reports about Nick Viall pursuing an acting profession hold true, and hell be making his launching on something called Ion Television, which is absolutely not a TELEVISION channel he simply comprised so he can be in shit. The motion picture is called and let me inform you, it may be really the best vacation present of all.

    So exactly what do we understand about it? Bene, very little, aside from that it stars Viall opposite starlet Vivica A. Fox (???) and is explained on the Ion TELEVISION site thusly:

    Okay, so I right away have 10 thousand concerns, in no specific order:

    1. Isnt this type of listed below Vivica A. Fox?
    2. Isnt this sort of above Nick Viall?
    3. Exists anything sadder than the task titlestriving author? ” Piace, cant any person simply be an author if they compose a book? I composed a 650,000 word Harry Potter fan fiction in high school (actually real) so like, get your shit together, Pam. I think perhaps thats why shes going on this cruise … 4. WTF is a Christmas cruise? A cruise that takes place the week prior to Christmas? It must be, if the boat go back to port for Christmas, however put ont individuals generally have the week * after * Christmas off?

    Real talk though, the very best part of all this is the advertising image for the program, which Ion TELEVISION launched. Simply take a look at this shit:

    So likethis is actually a photoshop of a Nick Viall advertising image copy/pasted behind Vivica Foxs headshot and a tree. Existed no point at which they could take advertising pictures together? Did no one have a phone with them on set to snap a genuine picture? Is this film CGI?

    Omg I hope this motion picture is CGI.

    This magnificent monstrosity airs Saturday December 16th at 9pm so like, I will not be seeing due to the fact that I have a social life, however ideally theyll put that shit on streaming ASAP due to the fact that I actually can not enter into 2018 with my pushing concerns still hanging over my head.

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