MOTD subtitle error leaves BBC red-faced

    BBC immagine copyright
    immagine caption Paul Brown tweeted a screen grab of the upseting subtitle

    Un “regrettable mistakein subtitling resulted in Newcastle United being identifiedwhite and black residuethroughout the 'S program.

    dichiarato 'S had actually scored 5 objectives versus the black and whites.

    But software application puzzled the wordcomma”, spoken by a subtitler, and putresidueinto the on-screen text.

    The BBC stated the mistake was spotted and remedied right away.

    It was seen by football author Paul Brown, who tweeted a screenshot from the program on Sunday night, statingMOTD2 subtitler seemingly not a Newcastle fan.

    During the commentary Guy Mowbray stated: “Sturridge has actually scored in all 4 of his previous begins at Newcastle. For the Reds versus the black and whites, he boasts 5 objectives in 5 looks.

    Football commentary is re-voiced for subtitles by somebody called arespeaker”.

    A BBC spokesperson stated: “Our live subtitling service is typically really precise and makes our material a lot more available, however there are times when regrettable mistakes take place.

    On this celebration the mistake was spotted and fixed right away.

    The Magpies went on to draw 1-1 in the Premier League house video game .

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