Meteor shower to fill weekend skies

    Comets immagine copyright PA
    immagine caption Dozens of shooting stars are anticipated in the skies over the weekend

    The sky will be filled with shooting stars this weekend thanks to particles from ’s Comet.

    The yearly Orionid meteor shower will see around 20 meteors going through the sky every hour.

    The shower shows up throughout the month, however professionals state the peak time to see it in the UK will be early on Sunday, in between midnight and 03:00 BST.

    Astronomer Tom stated the Orionid meteors are understood for theirspeed and sparkle”.

    Once every 75 anni, #ppppp> Halley’s Comet is the only comet routinely noticeable from Earth by the naked eye and it comes into view.

    The last time it appeared remained in 1986, with the next watching anticipated in 2061.

    When Halley’s Comet goes through the planetary system, the sun strikes it, enabling particles to break away.

    These speed to Earth at the speed of 148,000 miles per hour, and we see them as shooting stars.

    Mr Kerss, who is based at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, advised remote areas with the darkest skies for the very best view, however he stated not to stress over bringing any devices.

    There’s no benefit to utilizing field glasses or a telescope,” ha dichiarato. “Your eyes are the very best tool offered for identifying meteors.

    “Così, look and unwind up at the sky, and ultimately your persistence will be rewarded.

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