Man completes 20,000-mile pub adventure

    Ben Coombs immagine copyright
    immagine caption Ben Coombs drove throughout 3 continents to finish the obstacle

    A guy has actually driven a cars throughout 21 nations, beginning at the most northern bar worldwide and ending up at the most southerly.

    Ben Coombs, 38, from Plymouth in Devon, drove 20,000 miles throughout 3 continents from the Arctic Circle to the southernmost pointer of Chile.

    It took him 7 months to finish the difficulty.

    Mr Coombs explained the last bar asa dive”, however statedit’s the journey that matters, not the location”.

    The concept for the experience came while he was having a pint in a club on Dartmoor.

    Colombia immagine copyright Ben Coombs
    immagine caption The journey was finished in a green TVR cars called Kermit

    The journey began on the Norwegian in a deserted mining settlement called Pyramiden, which has a population of 4.

    Mr Coombs stated discovering the northern most barwas a simple investigative procedure”.

    Pyramiden is less than 700 miles from the North Pole, is the northern most settlement in the world with an irreversible civilian population, and has just one bar,” he included.

    The citizens all reside in the only structure still operatingthe town’s old hotelwhich takes place to have a still-functioning bar.

    Ecuador immagine copyright Ben Coombs
    immagine caption The most northern club worldwide in Pyramiden

    To discover the most southerly and northern club, Mr Coombs tried to find certified properties where any person might stroll in off the street and purchase a beer.

    Although there are bars in Antarctica they lie on bases and are not available to members of the general public or are not accredited, ha dichiarato.

    So Mr Coombs tried to find the southernmost settlement outside Antarctica, and encountered Puerto Williams in , Chile.

    island of Svalbard immagine copyright Ben Coombs
    immagine caption In Arizona, Ben Coombscars and truck Kermit came in person with a reproduction Herbie, un 1963 Beetle
    Nicaragua immagine copyright Ben Coombs
    immagine caption The journey included 20,000 miles of driving and a variety of roadway surface areas

    From Pyramiden, Mr Coombs drove his green 20-year-old TVR Chimaera, called Kermit, throughout Europe to from where the automobile was delivered to New York in August.

    He then took a trip throughout the to California, prior to heading south to Mexico.

    Panama immagine copyright Ben Coombs
    immagine caption The automobile had a brand-new clutch suited a garage in , the only significant repair work of the journey

    A variety of buddies joined him for numerous phases of the journey in the two-seater convertible vehicle.

    Central America rapidly passed below our wheels, prior to we delivered the automobile around the Darien space from a ,” Mr Coombs stated.

    Then it was simply the little matter of an 8,000-mile drive throughout Colombia, , Peru, Chile and Argentina to obtain to the last bar in the world.

    Southampton immagine copyright Ben Coombs
    immagine caption Some of the primary difficulties were making clear borders and preventing rock falls in Colombia
    Tierra del Fuego immagine copyright Ben Coombs
    immagine caption The hand-built vehicle dealt well with the journey and will now be delivered back to Devon

    The last location was Puerto Williams, where Mr Coombs got here on 12 February and discovered the southernmost bar.

    It’s a little bit of a dive really,” ha dichiarato.

    We’re talking plastic patio area furnishings within, Chilean line dancing on the TELEVISION, and a menu which consists just of lager and low-cost whisky.

    There are most likely more attractive locations to take a trip 20,000 miles to obtain to, however that’s not actually the point. It’s the journey that matters, not the location.

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