Introducing The Worst Dad Ever Who Allegedly Cut Off His Daughter’s Hair After She Got Highlights!

    Yooo, WTF!

    We’re quite this daddy might get approved for among the worst parenting minutes when, inning accordance with his ex-wife, he took the liberty of shaving his child’s hair after discovering she got highlights for her birthday!

    The mama Christin Johnson shared the story on Facebook after her child Kelsey returned house from spending quality time with her papa and stepmother, who are apparently now both under examination for kid abuse.

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    Johnson exposed in a now-viral post:

    People have actually flooded to the remarks with outrage and words of support for Kelsey. This one in specific we wish to guarantee:

    Kelsey, you are a gorgeous girl. Do not let the actions of these 2 beasts destroy your self-confidence. They do not deserve your factor to consider if they can not accept that you are gorgeous and can reveal yourself in this method. I hope you are feeling supported and enjoyed.

    Both the daddy and stepmother have actually been suspended from their volunteer firemen positions as the Haskins Police Department checks out the scenario .

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