Indonesian Pro Soccer Goalie Dies After Collision During Match And It’s All Caught On Video

    This is so, così sfortunato.

    A goalkeeper for an Indonesian expert soccer group died this weekend from injuries sustained throughout a match in the nation when he hit another gamer, decreased hard, and right away began shaking up until very first responders hurried on to the field to assist him.

    The goalkeeper, a 38-year-old veteran professional athlete called Choirul Huda , was noticable dead not long after hitting his own colleague, protector Ramon Rodrigues , and a challenger throughout a video game in between Huda’s group, Persela Lamongan , and the challengers Semen Padang .

    While Huda was mindful instantly after the accident and the crash itself does not even look too uncommon on video he rapidly collapsed and fell unconscious, and he was rapidly required to a healthcare facility, where he was noticable dead .

    The whole thing was recorded on video, pure (di seguito elencati) however be cautioned, since it is disturbing and quite graphic:

    So frightening and exactly what’s scarier still is the accident was a fairly typical one that occurs in numerous soccer video games. For whatever factor, the effect led Huda to stop breathing, where he ultimately suffered heart attack.

    His group, unknowning the degree of the injuries at the time, played the remainder of the match prior to they all went to the medical facility which’s where they learnt their colleague had actually been noticable dead.

    The group honored Huda on cinguettio after the match (di seguito elencati):

    ‘The Real Legend of Persela,’ as Huda was called, had actually been with the group given that 1999, playing in more than 500 matches as an extremely vital member of the group.

    Così, so abrupt therefore incredibly unfortunate.

    Our prayers and ideas head out to all Choirul Huda’s household, good friends, colleagues, and liked ones.

    [immagine tramite Youtube ]

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